Performance Coaching

Achieve Bigger Goals for Bigger Impact
Build Your Reputation As A Leader That Gets It Done
Stop Wasting Time On The Wrong Things

It’s lonely at the top!  Everyone around you has their own agenda.  It’s difficult to know whom you can trust and with what information.  You face tremendous pressure and tough critics.  It’s no wonder it feels like your every move is under a microscope.   


You can’t talk to your team about everything you're thinking and feeling.  Your loved ones don’t understand your job. And deep down you are telling yourself that you should be able to figure it out on your own. So you read all the leadership gurus. You sign up for that webinar that you’ll never have time to watch. You squeeze in a podcast during your workout.


It’s helpful, but it’s not moving the needle.


Here’s the deal…Exceptional leaders understand the value of advisors.  They lean on advisors when facing times of challenge or transition. They lean on advisors at different seasons of their careers. They lean on advisors to recover from a setback. They use advisors to help them gain new perspectives and make better decisions.

I know, I know...

You've had a coach before.  It wasn't great.  Maybe even one of those coaches from your HR department's bench.  You know the one you couldn't be completely honest with for fear it would get into the wrong hands?  You don't want to do that again.

This is nothing like the executive coaching you've had before.  I help you solve problems quickly so you can produce massive results that make you look like a rock star!  My 90 day RAPID RESULTS program is customized to ensure you get the advise you need to solve even the biggest problems.  You know those ones that have been keeping you up at night?  You'll sleep like a baby.


You might even be thinking that you should be able to figure this out by yourself.  After all...they did hire you to run the team, they expect you should know how to do that, right?!

There's no easy way to say this.  So I'm going with my signature 'let me hit you with it!'  This is all about your EGO.  Nobody leads alone.  And if you try to go it alone...You will fail.  They hired you to lead this team to new heights.  Are you pulling out all the stops?

Breaking all the rules
We do things a little differently around here

Stop the assessments!

You don't have to take another leadership assessment.  I don't need it to coach you and you've had enough of those damn things.  Has it really helped you change your life by knowing what animal you would be?  Let's skip that part and jump to the good stuff...rapid results!

I don't care about your boss.

This isn't about your boss.  This is your development.  So I won't report back to your board without you.  Instead, you'll show results.  That's all that matters.  My comittment is to you.  I take that seriously.

My Signature Method

I use my signature framework to help you solve problems now and grow your CEO presence.  We focus on five key areas; intentional self-awareness, solidifying your vision, strengthening influence and taking bold, decisive action and focusing on your biggest goals.  


Coaching is an art and Nicky has mastered it.


The best executive coach I've worked with in 20 years!


There are but a handful of people that have made a truly profound impact on my life. I can honestly say Nicky tops my list!


This is the best investment in myself that I have ever made!


Conference Room

The Business Case

Executive coaching has clear return on investment, when you understand what YOU are worth.  The value you contribute to your organization is often in the multi-million or even billions of dollars annually.  When YOU are supported by an experienced executive advisor you'll be best positioned for success through even the toughest challenges. 


What is it worth to you to strengthen your confidence, resilience, vision, and resolve to make faster, more courageous decisions that propels your organization forward?


What is the value of closing one more deal next month?

What's the value of retaining your best executive for another two years?

What's the value of avoiding costly employee relations mistakes that keep you up at night?


Here's just a few common issues I advise my clients through:

1) Navigating major transitions.

2) Leading complex changes.

3) Responding to internal and external pressures.

4) Uncharted territory.

5) Dysfunctional teams.

6) Performance issues amongst key leaders.


Imagine the day when your head hits the pillow with peace of mind every night.  You are playing all in, leaving nothing on the table, so you can sleep like a baby...Never again second guessing even your biggest decisions.


What's that worth to you?

Why hire me?


Look...You have a lot of options in the coaching market these days.  That sounds great until you try to sift through the noise to find the right coach for you.  It doesn't take long to get overwhelmed and settle for your retired mentors referral.  Only to discover he's saying all the same things you heard 20 years ago. 


You were kind of hoping for the transformative experience you've been reading about.  Am I  right?


Here's the deal...I’m an experienced executive advisor.  I’ve personally worked in several c-suite roles myself (CHRO, COO, CEO, Interim CIO).  I’ve advised CEOs and other key executives navigating complex issues for over 20 years.  My experience spans healthcare, legal, technology, banking and not-for-profit organizations.

Examples of Past Executives I've advised:

Modern Office


Tech Start-up

Company is now worth $11 Billion.




Night Shift at Office


Healthcare Technology

Overseeing a $50 Million technology support operation.



Canary Wharf London

CEO & Team


During $675 Million banking aquisition  




Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Physician Leaders


Advised a collaboration between clinician inventors and commercialization partners.

Organizing Test Tubes



$1 Billion Healthcare Diagnostics organization



Children in Indoor Playground



$29 Million National Not-for-profit organization.




My Promise

I promise to be a trusted sounding board to help you make the best decisions with confidence. 


I promise to challenge you to recognize blinds spots and help you expand your perspective. 


I promise to help you identify problems quickly (especially the ones that your team isn’t telling you about). 


I promise to help you build your credibility both within your organization and in your broader industry.

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